About us

Ivan Aiplatov (Belarus). Mass media representatives call him a «designer- provocateur», the claim he responses to by saying that he simply likes sense of humor in fashion despite all the serious attitude to the latter.

His track record includes collaborations with the largest companies: the development of the accessory line for JTI tobacco manufacturer (Glamour cigarettes); the development and implementation of Camelot collection in China; cooperation with Gota company; the development of souvenir gifts for Baltika Brewery (Tuborg beer); and also huge experience in popular motion pictures and theatrical productions.

Each and every collection is a direct hit at the desires of people who love to experiment with their own style. His clothes can be found in the wardrobes of such celebrities like Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Ilya Lagutenko, Pavel Volya, Evelina Bledans, Anastasia Volochkova... He is the creator of the costumes for the Russian band «Bravo», the Belarusian bands «Lyapis Trubetskoy», «Mary Poppins» and «Belarussian Pesniary», as well as for the presenters of «RTR-Sport» programs. The author of costumes for Sergei Zverev show at the Festival of Hairdressing Art «Trend Vision» (Germany).

In 2005 created a brand «Comedy Fashion» together with Vadim Galygin.

A regular participant of Moscow Fashion Week.

Currently the creative director of the Belarusian brand «Elema».